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Denzels Dog Chews
Denzels Dog Chews
Denzels Dog Chews

Denzels Dog Chews

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Denzel's dog snacks are made from 100% natural ingredients, gently baked in the UK into tasty, snack-sized chews!

The superfood chews contain fresh bananas, berries and apple to pack this chew with vitamins, minerals and fibre which whizz up a superfood smoothie to keep your dog fit and healthy. Blueberries are high in antioxidants, vital for your dog's wellbeing (and a wet nose).

The nut butter chews blend tasty peanuts, cashews and coconut oil together, providing a fantastic source of protein and fibre.
Nuts are also a source of healthy oils and fats which help fight against cholesterol.

In the high protein chews are real chicken, spinach and chickpeas cramming this chew with healthy proteins providing a vital, lean source of energy to keep your dog fit and healthy.Spinach is high in Vitamin C and Iron to give extra immune support (and super shiny fur).